Safeguard Your Windshield

Cracks and chips in windshields can be expensive and hazardous. We offer superior-performance windshield protection film that will ensure your windshield is preserved for years to come. Pair this with our Paint Protection Film service for the ultimate vehicle protection.

What is Windshield Protection?

Windshield Protection is designed to enhance the durability of the windshield, providing resistance against impacts, scratches, and abrasions. These protective solutions not only contribute to the longevity of the windshield but also enhance driver safety by reducing the risks associated with damage and potential visibility issues. Whether facing road debris, harsh weather conditions, or everyday wear and tear, windshield protection serves as a reliable shield, safeguarding the integrity of the vehicle’s front glass.

The Benefits

  • Optically clear Film From ExoShield
  • Absorbs impact of standard road hazards
  • Reduces the occurrence of rock chips, pitting, and bull’s eyes
  • Ideal for maintaining luxury cars and fleet vehicles
  • Significantly less expensive than replacing a windshield, especially those with ADAS (Crash Avoidance Systems) technology
  • Keeps windshield intact during an accident
  • Protects against 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays
  • Faster run-off of rain and snow

Keep Your Windshield
in Pristine Condition

Questions About Windshield Protection

Understanding the product

Our windshield protection film is perfect for sports and classic cars. It is also ideal for vehicles equipped with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) windshield technology. Reason being is vehicles with ADAS have high replacement costs. On average is costs 1500 to replace a window that is equipped with ADAS. Our windshield protection film is also highly beneficial for vehicles like delivery trucks, buses, and rental cars as it helps maintain the condition of them so they can stay on the road and not in the body shop. Our windshield protection film also helps prevent smash and grab thefts and is excellent for off-road vehicles.

Our windshield protection film and automotive window film share similarities as they are both polyester[1]based films which require heat molding to be properly installed. Installation takes slightly longer with our windshield protection film as it requires longer to shrink and mold the film due to its thickness.

No, our windshield protection film is optically clear and will not reduce visible light through the windshield. Our windshield protection film carries a warranty against peeling, bubbling, cracking, or yellowing.

Yes! Our windshield protection film has an adhesive that will keep it in tacked with the glass. It can withstand speeds reached by race cars.

The best way to maintain is to use a wax-based product such as Rejex, Meguire’s or Mother’s wax. This is a crucial part of the maintaining a scratch-free finish as it provides an additional layer from the wipers and windshield protection film. The wax also serves as a dual purpose by providing a barrier against water etching, bird droppings, bugs, and oil. Initially the installer of our windshield protection film will apply the necessary wax to create a good, sleek finish. As a rule of thumb, it is recommended to apply wax to the windshield every month during the life of our windshield protection film.

Our windshield protection film is not a permanent product. It uses a unique adhesive that keeps the film adhered tightly to the windshield but has a lifespan in direct correlation to the conditions it is under. The longevity of our windshield protection film on a specific vehicle is directly related to the following factors: 1) Conditions the vehicle operates in, 2) mileage driven, and 3) adherence to proper care instructions.

The film can be removed by using a stainless-steel blade or hard plastic edge. This will allow the adhesion to separate will one is also lifting the windshield protection film from glass. It is important to use slow and consistent pressure as you pull away. Any adhesive remaining on the windshield can be removed with a safe cleaner designed to remove adhesive (Goo-gone). New windshield protection film can then be installed on the clean windshield.