The Benefits

  • UV protection for interior preservation.
  • Increased privacy, natural light balance.
  • Energy efficiency, lower utility costs.
  • Glare reduction enhances visual comfort.
  • Furniture preservation, longer lifespan.
  • Enhanced home security, peace-of-mind.
  • Aesthetic improvement, modern curb appeal.
  • Easy maintenance for lasting performance.

Vision Solar

Introducing Vision Solar, home window tinting solution where you can bid farewell to soaring energy costs and embrace a more enjoyable atmosphere.

Experience the full potential of natural sunlight without the drawbacks. XPEL’s XSolar Film is expertly designed to reduce heat and glare, creating a comfortable and energy-efficient environment within your home. Explore the versatility of our solar window films, featuring four unique options to suit your needs. Learn about tax credits.

Enhance your view with our CLEAR VIEW films, including Clear View Ceramic, Clear View Alloy, and Clear View Plus. These films allow visible light while blocking Infrared heat and UV rays, optimizing visibility from both sides of your windows.

Elevate your windows with our cutting-edge METALLIC film collection, showcasing an array of stunning options such as Evening View, Blend DR, Silver, and Bronze. Crafted using advanced multi-layer technology, these films offer unmatched performance, granting a reflective exterior finish suitable for a wide range of applications.

To infuse a touch of sophistication, opt for our NEUTRAL film selection, which includes both Daylight and Dark Neutral options. These films introduce a subtle, tasteful luster to your current glass, effectively minimizing glare and heat while avoiding the typical silver, reflective look.

When interior applications are not a suitable option, turn to our exceptional EXTERIOR film lineup, featuring options like Blend DR, Silver, Neutral, and Clear Performance. These high-performance solutions efficiently combat heat and glare while preserving a crisp and consistent exterior aesthetic. Elevate your home with the transformative capabilities of Pristine Auto Spa’s Exterior window films.

Safety & Security

Enhanced Home Safety & Security
Safeguard your loved ones with our Safety & Security Film. This durable home window tinting solution not only offers superior protection against intruders but also reduces the danger of shattered glass during severe weather conditions. Your peace of mind is our utmost concern.

Select from Security Clear, Security 8mil Silver, Security 8mil Clear View Plus, and Security 8mil Neutral films to boost the safety of your home’s glass surfaces. Our SAFETY & SECURITY films, available in various thicknesses, are designed to withstand direct force, offering added protection for residential glass surfaces.

Decorative Film

Elevate Your Home’s Ambiance and Style

Transform the look and feel of your living space with our Decorative Film options for house window tinting. Explore an array of stylish patterns and frosted designs, providing an extensive selection to infuse elegance and privacy into your home’s windows.

Experience the charm of frosted glass in your home with our White Frost window film. Suitable for house window tinting, it elevates plain glass into a decorative feature, perfect for enhancing the ambiance of your residence. Whether for home offices, dining areas, or other interior applications, it adds subtle accents and stylishly defines unique spaces.

Discover unrivaled privacy in your home with our BLACK OUT window tinting. Designed for house window tinting, this custom black finish is an ideal choice for residential and commercial settings, making it a perfect solution for home offices, dining areas, and various spaces in both residential and house window tinting applications.

Opt for our WHITE OUT window tinting to achieve outstanding brightness while minimizing visible light transmission. This custom white appearance provides privacy for both residential and house window tinting applications, making it a versatile choice for office interiors, dining establishments, and various spaces in diverse settings.

Explore our range of EXTERIOR house window tinting films, featuring options like Blend DR, Silver, Neutral, and Clear Performance. These high-performance solutions efficiently combat heat and glare while preserving a crisp and consistent exterior appearance. Elevate your living space with Pristine Auto Spa’s Exterior window films.

Specialty Film

Specialized House Window Tinting Solutions

For distinctive challenges and tailored solutions, our Specialty Film offerings are here to meet your needs. Whether it’s anti-graffiti protection, enhancing privacy in specific areas, or crafting custom solutions, our team will collaborate closely with you to identify the ideal solution for your residential space.

Explore the adaptability of our intelligent window film with VLT 65. This cutting-edge solution guarantees year-round comfort and cost savings by retaining warmth during colder seasons and deflecting it in hotter climates. Enhance your glass’s performance without the expense of replacements.

Select our All Season VLT 45 window film to effectively manage glare while regulating heat in summer and cold in winter, enhancing your glass performance without the need for costly replacements.

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