What is Paint
Protection Film?

The paint protection film is an extremely durable polyurethane-based film that is designed to protect against harmful road debris from damaging the clear coat and paintwork on your vehicle.


Ultimate Plus


A protective Polyurethane film that helps prevent unsightly damage and assists with maximizing resale value. Some features include Stain Resistance, Premium Optical Clarity, and Self Healing.



As Smooth as Satin.

An exceptional paint protective film that matches your flat or satin factory paint. XPEL STEALTH is a great way to keep that frozen, magno, frosted, or satin paintwork protected. Or, give your gloss paint a whole new look!

Benefits of Paint Protection Film

There are many reasons why people choose to have their vehicle protected. Here are some of the benefits.

  • Creates the peace of mind when driving
  • Reduces likelihood of rock chips
  • Protects against scratching
  • Prevents costly repaint and having to match paint color later on
  • Maintains the look of your car from factory
  • Helps with resale value
  • Easy maintenance

Coverage Options

Paint Protection Films

Interior Protection

Keep the interior Pristine

Xpel PPF

Protect, renew, and restore

Maintain that new car look and feel. Eliminate those pesky and unsightly swirls, scratches, and blemishes with Xpel PPF. We can protect everything from small door switches, center consoles, and touch screens. With the best factory finish, outstanding durability, and superior clarity, Xpel interior protection is an easy choice!

Special Features

Enhance & Protect


Enhances the slickness of your paintwork, making rain and other liquids and dirt repel from it.

Puncture Resistant

With the rigid and flexible layers, Xpel PPF absorbs and reflects most high-impact debris.


You read that right. Enjoy the benefit of minor scratching and defects disappear with a little bit of heat.

Common Questions