Exterior Detailing

Our Exterior Detailing services are created to rid the exterior of your vehicle of dirt and grime that builds up over time. Depending on the level of cleanliness desired, we have tiered our services to provide multiple options for you. Each service begins with a safe, 3 bucket wash system to ensure your paint is cared for properly. All of our detailing services are focused on giving you qulity results that you can trust each time your vehicle is dropped off. We recommend pairing one of our interior detailing services with one of the packages below for an all-encompassing detail!

Exterior Detail Pricing

Quality Results, Trusted Process

We understand at Pristine that your car means much more than a vehicle to drive from point A to point B. That same level of care is injected into our exterior detailing services. Everything from the towels we use to gently dry off the car to the chemicals we use to safely break down the dirt on the wheels and other tricky areas to clean. Additionaly, we put a large focus on ensuring your car is safe and professionally detailed as it goes through our exterior detailing services.

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Exterior car detailing

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Common Questions

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