What is Dry Ice Blasting?

Dry Ice Blasting is a newer method of car cleaning that uses an effective particle blasting process that removes any stubborn dirt layers, debris, and contaminants from the car’s body and other surfaces. It is particularly effective for delicate surfaces and difficult-to-reach areas, ranging from cleaning the upholstery to tight areas in the engine compartment, underbody crevices, and restoration of worn-out classic cars.

Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting

There are many reasons why people choose to have their cars detailed by dry ice blasting. Here are some of the benefits.

  • Removes stubborn encrustations without leaving any residues
  • Provides a solution for tasks which were previously impossible or could only be accomplished while taking up a great deal of time
  • Leaves nothing behind other than the dust and dirt the process removes
  • Removes chewing gum residue and grease stains, it can also clean dashboards and inside engines immaculately
  • Does not leave offensive odors in the way that some solvents do
  • Eliminates the need for wrapping and disassembly of equipment that solvent cleaning calls for
  • Preserves and enhances the surface’s coating, whereas methods like sandblasting will ruin any paint, decals, or surface sealers
  • Faster than alternative methods, means faster turnaround
  • Can be used safely on electrical components
  • Can be cleaned in-place, no disassembly & reassembly needed
  • Environmentally-responsible, eliminates secondary waste
  • Can penetrate small, complex spaces with superior clean

Non-abrasive and Harmless

Dry ice cleaning ​​is a completely non-abrasive process that doesn’t use any solid rubbing particles, unlike steam cleaning and sandblasting which use micro-particles at high speeds for cleaning. In this process, compressed air is used to launch dry ice particles from a nozzle which targets the surface contaminants like dirt, old marks, rust, and flaky paint.
This way, it doesn’t harm the paint, metal, or any other delicate surfaces and only gets rid of stubborn coatings and layers from the car surfaces. As it cleans, the dry ice transforms into gas directly, leaving no marks or waste material behind.

Unparalleled Results

This process offers a level of control and versatility to the operator that no other method can. The magnitude and aggression of the cleaning blast can be fine-tuned and adjusted according to the requirement, which helps clean any part of the vehicle effectively resulting in exceptional cleaning power. With the material loaded in the hopper and directed via a nozzle, the operator can clean any surface with a sharp eye and select to leave another, if not required.

Dry ice detailing


As the dry ice converts directly into a gas without becoming a liquid first, this method eliminates the need for wastewater collection and additional cleanup of any residues. It is an environmentally safe, and effective method of cleaning. Through this process, we can clean any surface or completely restore a vehicle without leaving any harmful chemicals or spray agent residues.

Packages and Pricing



Engine Bay Dry Ice

This package is best for vehicles needing a thorough engine bay detail. This service does not include the underside of the engine bay.


  • 30min masking/prepping
  • Dry ice detailing of engine compartment
  • Level 1 Exterior Detail
Dry ice detailing on NSX


Wheel Well Dry Ice

This package is designed for cars that need a thorough dry ice detailing in the wheel wells to remove built-up dirt and grime.


  • 1 hour masking/prepping
  • Dry ice detailing for 4 wheel wells
  • Level 1 Exterior Detail

NOT included:

Wheel cleaning- Add this service for $250 for all 4 wheels.

Undercarriage dry ice detailing


Undercarriage Dry Ice

This package is designed to detail all accessible parts on the undercarriage and will provide clean finish from underneath on most cars.


  • 1 hour masking/prepping (if needed)
  • Dry ice detailing on the undercarriage
  • Clear protection wax applied on suspension parts (if requested)
  • Level 1 exterior detail


Platinum package

This package is simply the best possible option for engine bay, wheel wells and undercarriage.


  • 1 hour masking/prepping (if needed)
  • Undercarriage, bottom of the engine and transmission, top of the engine, wheel removal and wheel well cleaning
  • Clear protection wax applied on full undercarriage or chosen parts (if wanted)
  • Level 1 Exterior Detail

Common Questions

How Does Dry Ice Blasting Work?

Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide. If you were to blast the super-cold material — it’s nearly minus-110 degrees F — through a pressurized hose, it can…