Paint Correction Pricing Rockville, MD

One of the most popular solutions we provide at Pristine is our Paint Correction service. Also known as paint refinement, is great way to remove unsightly swirls, scratching, holograms, and other paint defects. Also referred to as “polishing” or “compounding” the paint, we are safely removing a very thin layer of clear coat to level out the imperfections that are highly noticeable in the sun. We highly encourage this service to be done on all vehicles, even new, before applying a long-term Ceramic Coating or Paint Protection Film.


Level 1 Paint Correction

When this service is for you

  • Just purchased a new vehicle
  • Selling current vehicle
  • Enhancing shine
  • Light marring (very minor scratching)
  • Ceramic coating prep for new vehicles


Level 2 Paint Correction

When this service is for you

  • Used in automatic car washes
  • Has moderate to heavy swirling
  • Oxidation or cloudy paint
  • Ceramic coating prep for used vehicles
Heavy scratch removal


Heavy Scratch Removal


When this service is for you

  • Severe swirling or scratching
  • Looking to achieve perfection
  • Wanting “orange peel” removed
  • Wanting to restore a classic, exotic, or show car
Headlight Restoration


Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration- Headlight restoration removes the oxidized layer that creates haze and fog on your headlight preventing light from shining through the lens. This service involves heavy cutting and polishing and is a long-term solution unlike the DIY kits that use fillers for a short-term result. We recommend adding headlight Paint Protection Film after this service to further prolong the look and protection of your headlights. .