Caliper Painting Pricing Rockville, MD

Add some personalization to your vehicle with our customizable caliper painting service. Choose from popular colors like Brembo red or go beyond with a color-matched option. Pair this service with one of our exterior detail packages to give your car a fresh look!

Painted Caliper with Mercedes decal


Standard caliper painting
Standard Color


Yas Marina Blue Caliper Painting
Custom Color


Brembo Red caliper painting
Brembo Red


How Does Our Caliper Painting Work?

Our caliper painting service is a fantastic alternative to powder coating. It is a non-invasive service, meaning we do not have to remove any parts on your brake caliper, eliminating the likelihood or risk of damage or reassembly issues. Our highly-trained technicians begin by prepping the surface to facilitate long-term paint adhesion. We use a high-temp, self-leveling paint that we apply to all accessible areas on the caliper. After adding three layers of paint, we follow up with two durable layers of clear coat to ensure a stunning high-gloss finish.

Yellow caliper paint on a Ferrari 488 GTB at Pristine Auto Spa