Best Ceramic Coatings For Cars


best ceramic coating application

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There are many ceramic coatings available on the market, and the best one for your car will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Some factors include:

Durability: Look for a ceramic coating that is known for its durability and ability to withstand the elements. A coating with a high level of durability will last longer and provide better protection for your car’s paint. We carry the primary professional grade brands because they are proven and trusted.

Hydrophobic properties: Look for one that has hydrophobic properties, which will make it easier to clean and will help to improve the overall appearance of your car.

UV protection: Look for a coating that offers UV protection, which will help to prevent the paint from fading and discoloring due to the sun’s UV rays.

Gloss and shine: Look for a ceramic coating that will enhance the gloss and shine of your car’s paint, making it look newer and more vibrant. Additionally, we put a large focus on this area because our client’s are searching for a product that will greatly enhance the shine to their vehicle.

Easy to maintain: We offer coatings that are easy to maintain and does not require regular waxing or polishing like traditional paint protection methods.

Brand reputation: Look for a ceramic coating from a reputable brand with a good track record. All of the brands that we carry at our locations are proven, trusted, and work exceptionally well.

Professional application: Our coating options are only available by professional installers to ensure proper application and longevity.

Cost: Look for an option that fits your budget, but also make sure it meets your needs and requirements. The reason we offer 3 different primary coating packages is to give you options depending on your budget, protection requirements and choice.

It’s always recommended to do your own research and compare the options and don’t hesitate to ask the Pristine team for advice to help you the package that is best for you!

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