Are Automatic Car Washes Bad For Your Car?


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Automatic car washes can be bad for your car in some cases. Here are a few reasons why:

Damage to paint and clear coat: The high-pressure water and harsh chemicals used in automatic car washes can strip the wax and sealant from your car’s paint, leaving it unprotected and vulnerable to damage. Additionally, the bristles or cloths used in the wash can scratch or damage the clear coat, leading to swirl marks and other imperfections.

Damage to trim and molding: They can be too rough on plastic and rubber trim and molding, which can cause cracking, fading, and other forms of damage.

Damage to sensors and antennas: Automatic car washes can damage sensors, antennas, and other electronic components that are mounted on the exterior of the car.

Lack of attention to detail: Automatic car washes are not able to provide the same level of attention to detail as a hand wash or professional detailing service, which can leave your car with missed dirt and grime.

What’s the alternative?
We suggest having us complete one of our three exterior detailing hand washes to safely maintain the paint work.

Gentle cleaning: Hand washing allows for more control over the cleaning process, and allows for the use of gentler cleaning solutions and methods that are less likely to cause damage to the car’s paint or other exterior surfaces.

Greater attention to detail: When a car is hand washed, the person doing the cleaning can pay close attention to areas that may require extra care, such as around door handles and trim, and in tight spaces like grills and crevices.

Better for the environment: Hand washing typically uses less water than automatic car washes and can be done with biodegradable cleaning products that are better for the environment.

Personalized service: Hand washing allows for more direct communication with us cleaning your car, which can make it easier to request specific services or address any concerns you may have.

Avoid the risk of damage: Automatic car washes can cause damage to your car, such as scratches or dents, while a hand wash minimizes the risk of damage.

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